Our Story

The TC West Motorsports story begins in 2008 with a tether back to the 1970’s. In 2008 when my kids were young, there was this little known company called Coolster who was making ATV’s and Pit Bikes, which were all the rage at the time. Those little Pit Bikes were very cool, and as a parent, I couldn’t wait to get the kids riding. ​

At that time, finding the Pit Bikes and ATV’s was easy on the internet, but they were nowhere to be found out in the local market. There were a few hardware stores who sold them, but no one knew anything about them. There was no technical support nor were there any parts to be found. I contacted Coolster directly and got to know a few of the people working out their California offices and found they were having great success with their youth machines and were in the middle of expanding into the adult market.​

From that experience I decided to open a local dealership focused on and specializing in these unique products. The challenge was finding the right situation and I knew I had a lot to learn before moving forward.  Being a certified master technician since the 1980’s and a long time repair shop owner, I knew I had the right kind of background and experience to bridge the gap between the Chinese factory and my customers.

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I had the right kind of background and experience to bridge the gap between the Chinese factory and my customers.

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Our brands produce quality products, and most importantly, they care. They care because they know we provide best service possible and that is essential for their brand reputation. 

In 2014 I purchased an old farmstead which provided the all of the space and facility needed to open the dealership. And in 2015, TC West Motorsports opened just in time for Xmas. The grand opening was supposed to be a part-time venture, just to test the market, but it quickly became full time. We now have customers in almost all 48 continuous states and even some customers in the Caribbean.

Today we carry several brands like; Coolster, Tao Motors, TrailMaster, BMS, Dongfang (DF Moto), and Apollo all of whom I have built solid relationships with over the years. These are companies that produce quality products, but possibly most importantly, they care. They care because they know we provide best service possible and that is essential for their brand reputation. I have got to know many of these folks personally and visited their warehouses and have spent time with the reps and executives during industry events. Something I underestimated in the early days was the how much they appreciate our dedication as we strive to bring their products to life.

When I was 7, my parents surprised me with a mini bike, a little like the TrailMaster MB200, for my birthday. They purchased it for $99 from Sears. I had a blast on that bike and rode it constantly over the next three summers. It was the beginning of my love affair with all things motorized on wheels. I am thrilled to be in the position to share a little of that love and passion with you and your family.

~ Bill
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