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At TC West Motorsports, we have hundreds of Dirt Bikes available in a variety of colors and sizes from BMS, TrailMaster, Coolster, Apollo and Tao Motors.  Our most popular and commonly stocked machines are listed here.  Any machine in our master catalog can be ordered and ready to go with a 1-2 week turn around and can be delivered right to your door with our local delivery service.  Call us for latest inventory and price quote.

Apollo JumpFun Electric Balance Bike

The Apollo JumpFun is a 2 speed electric assisted balance trainer to help the young ones learn and improve their balance and to prepare them for dirt bike riding or to loose those training wheels on their bicycle.  It features 3 modes of operation:  Free wheel, half speed electric and full speed electric.  The 12" is intended for riders 3 to 5 years old with the electric assist at 4 or 8 mph.  The 16" is for kids 5 to 7 years old and goes 6 or 12 mph.  The quick change lithium battery has a run time of 45 to 60 minutes and spare batteries are available.  


TrailMaster Mini-Bike 200

Another quality build from Trailmaster featuring their 6.5hp pull start GX series engine.  This popular top seller is the only mini bike currently offering full front and rear suspension; and also features hydraulic rear disc brake, comfort seat, front and rear foot-pegs as well as head and tail lights.  This bike is truly fun for the whole family as it is built for older kids and adults. This is a great machine to take along camping.


Coolster QG-50x - 50cc 2-Stroke

The Coolster QG-50X is a great introductory dirt bike for kids. The Coolster QG-50X dirt bike features all the aesthetics of a fully-loaded dirt bike in a pint sized package. This dirt bike is equipped with front and rear disk brakes and heavy duty shocks, and comes in an assortment of colored body shells.


Coolster 210 70cc 4-Stroke

The Coolster 210 dirt bike features the award winning 70cc air-cooled ZongShen Engine, one of China’s best 70cc motors for 3 consecutive years. The Coolster 210 is almost completely identical to the 213A, with the only notable difference being its 110cc engine. With thicker fork tubing and stiffer springs, the 210 excels in durability and comfort.


Apollo DB-25 - 70cc Automatic

The Apollo DB-25 is Apollo's entry level dirt bike with 10" wheels and has a seat height of 25"  This bike features a 70cc fully automatic power-train and comes with electric start as well as removable training wheels to help your youngster get started. 


Coolster 213 - 110cc Dirt Bike

The Coolster QG-213A dirt bike features a fully-automatic transmission with an upgraded adjustable rear shock for a stable and comfortable ride. Like the QG-210, the QG-213A is identical except for its larger 110cc engine. The fully-automatic clutch is a great feature for beginner dirt bike riders, who may transition into manual clutch later.


Apollo DB-28 - 110cc Auto

The Apollo DB-28 is a 110cc fully automatic dirt bike with electric start.  This bike features front and rear hydraulic disc brakes 12" front /10" rear wheels and has standard front forks.  An excellent choice for an experienced youngster or an upgrade from the DB-25.


Coolster XR-125 - 125cc Lifan - Manual or Semi

The Next-Gen of Coolster dirt bikes is the Lifan powered Coolster XR-125.  This small but agile (youth mid-size) vehicle that is great for beginners or advanced users alike. The 125cc 4-stroke vehicle comes as either manual or semi-automatic and features a variety of colors.


Coolster XR-125A - Lifan, Manual

The Coolster XR-125A is similar to the XR-125, except that it comes with an inverted fork assembly. This type of fork is catered to more advanced riders and will improve on the vehicle’s dexterity and maneuverability. The 125cc 4-stroke vehicle comes with a manual transmission and features a variety of colors.


Apollo X-16 - 125cc Automatic

The X-16 is in Apollo's quality RFZ line and has a unique configuration of a 125cc engine on a youth mid-size frame while still featuring an automatic transmission for those who still want to stay shiftless.


Apollo X-18 - 125cc 4 speed Manual

The X-18 is one of Apollo's signature youth dirt bikes.  It features a 125cc engine with a manual 4 speed transmission on a youth mid size twin-spare tubular frame.  The X-18 comes with inverted front forks and 17"/14" wheels.  This well built machine is a great choice for your budding motorcycle enthusiast. 


Coolster M-125 - 125cc Lifan, Manual

The M-125 dirt bike is Coolster's most advanced youth dirt bike to date, built on a 125cc 4-stroke engine and topping out at 40 mph. Featuring a sleek, stylish design that sets it apart from our other Speedmax dirt bikes, the M-125 is sure to make heads turn when it hits the trails.


Apollo RFZ Z-20 - 125cc, Manual, Inverted Fork

The Apollo RFZ Z-20 and Z-20 Max are apart of Apollo's next generation RFZ series dirt bikes.  This full size frame bike comes with everything an experienced rider is looking for in a robust performance machine.  Features include: Heavy duty double beam frame, Inverted SYD front forks, manual 4 sped transmission, high flow 26mm carburetor, and more. The Z-20 come in 2 sizes; the Z-20 and the Z-20 Max with larger forks and 19"/16" wheels ($1499).  


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